The Day

Well, 19th of June, Sunday, and I received a very special cake from my wife and kids. She ordered it to be designed after a cover of one of the books she saw on my shelf. And the book is FreeBSD Mastery: Jails by Michael W Lucas. The original cover looks like this:

01 original book cover

The cover art is made by Eddie Sharam after John Phillip’s "The Prison Window", 1857:

02 original art

And the masterpiece I received hit my heart deeply:

03 cake

It’s like my wife with our 1.5y old son there — of course, I could not eat that part :)

The surprise

My wife did not know about FreeBSD Day and it turned out to be a surprise for her that the present is perfect in all terms. And the authors of the book and its cover art got a smile as well.

What an amusing coincidence.


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